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6 points for you to understand Autism

1. Autism Spectrum Disorder is a lifelong neurodevelopmental disorder.

2. Autism affects the development of the brain and impacts an individual’s ability to communicate, socially interact and learn like a typical developing child.

3. Some of the common symptoms that children with autism may demonstrate include:

· Absence of speech or delay in speech development.

· Limited or inconsistent eye contact.

· Does not show interest in other children.

· Does not share interest with adults.

· Repetitive motor movements (e.g. hand flapping)

· Fixated interests.

· Oversensitive/under-sensitive to sensory areas.

*Not all children will demonstrate the same symptoms.

4. There is no exact cause of autism yet, but there are links to genetic, environmental, and biological factors.

5. It is important to identify the symptoms as early as possible in order to provide the intervention as soon as possible.

* There is no medical cure for autism.

6. Diagnosis needs to be conducted by clinical psychologist, developmental paediatrician, psychiatrist, neurologist, or similar qualified medical professionals.

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